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Facebook’s Business Manager Business Manager allows you to control your Facebook Pages, advert accounts, apps and permission levels for team members and clients – all in one place.


Creating and claiming advert accounts

Business Manager allows you to easily create new advert accounts, claim existing advert accounts that you are an admin of or request access to a client's advert account.

Creating and claiming Pages

Business Manager also allows you to easily create new Pages, claim existing Pages or request access to a client's Page.

Claiming Instagram handles

Gain permissions to manage advertising on behalf of Instagram handles. Unlike Pages, you'll need to assign an advert account to the Instagram handle.
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Managing permissions

Invite everyone in your organisation who'll be working on your Facebook Page or adverts to your Business Manager account. Do this by using their work email addresses. You can assign people different permission levels to both advert accounts and Pages. To advertise on behalf of a Page, you'll need access to both the Page and the advert account.

Facebook advert policies

To help ensure we're creating the best experiences for people on Facebook, as well as helping to facilitate better engagement and retention for you, please familiarise yourself with our Advert Policy. View our entire Advert Policy.


Text Policy In order to keep adverts as high quality and engaging as possible, our Advert Policy includes restrictions on how much text can be included in an advert. Follow this guideline to get a better of sense of how to avoid receiving an advert text warning.
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Lead adverts Before creating your lead advert, please review our list of restrictions around what information you can and can't request from an individual on Facebook.
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Advert review All adverts are reviewed before they go live, usually within 24 hours. If you feel your advert has been in review for a prolonged period of time, get in touch with your Facebook representative. If you don't have one, go to the following site for help.
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Facebook brand assets Before using Facebook branded assets in your adverts, always refer to our Facebook Brand Assets Guide. The following site lets you download the proper assets and provides info on how they should be used.
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Personal attributes Content may not assert or imply personal attributes. This includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person's race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, membership in a trade union, criminal record or name.