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Instagram updates

Advertisers can now upload up to 60 seconds of video content on Instagram video adverts, giving advertisers greater creative flexibility to tell their business' stories.

Lead adverts

Lead adverts allow you to direct people from adverts to a form in Facebook pre-populated with their contact information, such as an email address. Lead adverts are now available on desktop as well as mobile, making it easy for businesses to connect with people on any device.


Built to bring content to life in a fast-loading and seamless experience, Canvas is an immersive experience that allows businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products. Canvas is now open to all advertisers who have access to Power Editor.

Auto-play video

Auto-play video creates a more engaging experience for customers and, in general, performs better for advertisers. It's critical to make sure your creative is well suited for mobile or a feed environment. Our general rule of thumb is that you should have content that captures the audience's attention within the first three seconds of play, and your message should be able to be understood with the sound off.

Creative best practices

If you know how to create great personal content on Facebook, you can use those same skills for your campaign and organisation. It’s as simple as that. Almost.

Let us help you create adverts that feel at home in Facebook News Feed and deliver measurable results.

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  • Creating effective adverts
  • Writing your advert copy
  • Choosing your advert images
  • Creating successful video adverts
  • Adapting campaign creative assets
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