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Advertising Foundation & Training

Blueprint, our online learning environment, offers a variety of courses that will help you with ad creation, targeting, measurement and more.

Using ads manager Learn how to create ads as well as view and edit performance reports for all your campaigns, ad sets and ads.
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Creating campaigns with ads manager Create ads on Facebook to help you accomplish specific campaign objectives. Once you select your campaign objective, Facebook will automatically recommend the ad unit and bid type that best supports your goal.

Common Objectives in Politics

Here are the ad objectives that we think you'll find most useful.

Video Views Persuade and engage key audiences throughvideo. All targeting options and most objectivesare available with FB video.
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Clicks to Website Use photo or video, as well as call-to-action buttons, to encourage your audience to click from Facebook to your site.
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Website Conversions This objective tracks sign-ups or website donations, and also allows Facebook to optimize your ad. To track conversions, you'll need to install the Facebook Pixel (more on this later).

Lead Generation Lead generation ads enable email registration and sign-ups without leaving Facebook. When a person responds to an ad, forms are pre-populated with relevant contact information, such as an email address.


Learn different ways to find the audiences that matter to you.

General Audience

Create audiences based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors and connections.

Custom Audiences

Upload lists of phone numbers or emails to create an audience for your ad or campaign. For example, if you have a voter file or list of postal addresses, you can upload it by following the instructions here.

Look-a-like Audiences

Find people who are similar to the people in your custom audience by using lookalike audiences.
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Creating and running ads is just the beginning. Use tracking to measure the effectiveness of your ads, and to see what people did after clicking on your ad.

Facebook Pixel

Learn more about the Facebook Pixel in “The Value of Facebook” section.

Standard Events & Custom Events

Track and optimize for actions across your website by using standard events and custom conversions with the Facebook pixel. Standard events give you more features, but custom conversions are much easier to set up.
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Ads Optimization

Learn about troubleshooting common delivery issues.


Consider increasing your bid and make sure your daily budget and bid are not close in value. For example, a $30 conversion bid on a $40 daily budget may not deliver. Learn more about our auction and delivery systems »


Make sure your audience is sufficiently large so our system can optimize delivery. Also, be sure your audiences do not overlap at the account, campaign, ad set or Page level.

Relevance Score

A low relevance score on your ad indicates that your content is not faring well with your audiences. A low relevance score will also impact your delivery negatively, and indicates that you should try different creative or target a different audience.

Invalid Pixel

Check that your pixel is installed on the page correctly and you are receiving data. You can download the Facebook Pixel Helper for Google Chrome to see if your pixels are firing properly.
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Instagram Implementation

Facebook and Instagram ads are created through the same process in our ads creation tools, and we'll optimize delivery of your ads for efficiency across both platforms. By bringing Facebook and Instagram together, we’re making it easier for you to get the most out of both platforms.

Basics on Facebook and Instagram

Using the same ad creative across both platforms allows you to manage campaigns efficiently and at scale, benefit from more opportunities to reach your target audience and get more out of your marketing assets.

How to buy on Instagram

Instagram offers a variety of ad types including photo, video and carousel ads. You have the flexibility to purchase ads in a variety of ways depending on your objective. Purchase through API, Ads Manager, Power Editor or Marquee.
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Placement Optimization

Reach target audiences and optimize performance in real time across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. With Placement Optimization, your creative works automatically across all platforms, and you can increase your reach and help improve your cost per outcome.