Get voters to the polls

Political targeting

Facebook offers a variety of targeting options to help you effectively reach voters.

  • 5 point political targeting

    Target and reach voters according to a five point scale: very liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative or very conservative.

  • “Likely to engage politically” targeting

    We now offer three new audiences (liberal, conservative and moderate) who are actively engaged with public political content and have a high propensity to reshare content. These audiences are not ideal for list building and fundraising, but are effective for amplifying your message.

  • Congressional targeting

    You no longer have to rely on third party data to reach the people in the districts that matter to you. With Native Congressional Targeting, Facebook now has the ability to generate this targeting independently, for more accuracy and coverage. You also can target based on country, state, city, zip code or DMA.

  • Voter file targeting

    Go to politics.fb.com/findvoters to upload your voter file and offline postal file. These audiences will then populate in the “audiences” section of Ads Manager.