Getting Started

To get started running ads about social issues, elections or politics on Facebook and Instagram, you may need to go through the process to become authorized. More information and instructions for this important process can be found below. Next, you'll need to create a Business Manager. And then, you'll want to set up an ad account and add the people you work with and the Pages you work on to your Business Manager.

To get started, download the Getting Started With Facebook Ads Guide.

1. Get authorized to run ads about social issues, elections or politics

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring transparency to elections, we have rolled out an ad authorization process for ads about social issues, elections or politics to more countries around the world. This process often involves turning on two-factor authentication, confirming your identity and location, placing “Paid for by” disclaimers on your ads and entering these ads into our public, searchable Ad Library for up to 7 years. In over 50 countries and territories, advertisers are required to go through our authorization process and submit disclaimers before they can place ads about social issues, elections or politics on Facebook or Instagram. For other countries and territories globally, we strongly encourage advertisers to authorize and add proper disclaimers — especially in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and to provide constituents with more information about who’s influencing their vote. For all countries listed on this Help Center page, we will not be proactively detecting or reactively reviewing possible social issue, electoral or political ads at this time. 

Learn more about the ad authorization process and where it’s required on our Help Center, and get started at

2. Create a Business Manager

Business Manager is a free Facebook tool to organize and manage your assets — like pages, ad accounts, and more — from one location. If your organization does not have a Business Manager, you can quickly create one here. Learn more. 

3. Manage People, Ad Accounts and Pages in Business Manager

In order to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, you will need at least one ad account in your Business Manager. You can get started managing users within your organization, creating or adding an existing ad account, and linking your Facebook Page(s) by following the instructions below:

  • Manage People and Ad Accounts in Business Manager. 
  • Add and Manage Pages in Business Manager. 

Many government, political, and advocacy organizations partner with agencies who support their Facebook advertising. Manage permissions for an agency partner by following the steps here. 

You can find more information on Business Manager Roles & Permissions here. 

Take a deep dive into specific Facebook advertising products by visiting our Government and Politics Blueprint learning course.

Learn how Facebook Ad campaigns are structured, how to create a campaign, what objectives to use, how to reach your audience and what types of ads you can create.

Government, political and advocacy campaigns generally aim to drive three high-level goals: 1) Acquisition and Fundraising, 2) Branding, and 3) Mobilization, or getting out the vote (GOTV). You can find guides for these goals below. They cover recommended objectives, audiences and creative.

Once you have created your campaign, it is important to track the performance of your campaign against the results your campaign objective is driving. Here are three great resources for measuring your campaigns on Facebook:

Learn about how to effectively manage your ads, like how to turn your ads on and off or how to ensure that that your ads follow our policies.