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Historically, building a following quickly has been top of mind for marketers when setting up a Facebook Page. For governments, politicians and advocacy groups it’s important to cultivate an engaged and supportive audience. For candidates running for office, followers are the ones who could share your message, vote for you and support you. For government officials and offices, followers could be constituents seeking help and services. For advocacy groups, your strongest supporters may be the followers who like your Page.

Whether you’re a recently elected official, a new organization, or a campaign that is just getting off the ground, it makes sense that a common question is “how do I get as many followers as possible?”, and Engagement Page Like Ads have been a way to accomplish this.

However, as the Facebook platform has matured, there may be a better way to build an engaged audience on Facebook. Instead of using Engagement Page like Ads, consider a strategy that grows your Facebook audience with engaged and committed supporters over time, while accomplishing your lower-funnel goals (like website visits, donations and email sign ups) simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at other advertising campaign objectives you could employ that may lead to the secondary action of a Page like.

NOTE: Advertising is just one way to grow your audience on Facebook. Consider these recommendations for growing an engaging audience organically.

Campaign Objectives to Consider

A secondary action is an action that a user may take as a result of your ad but is not the primary objective of your advertising campaign. In this case, we are referring to Page likes as the secondary action. For example, a political campaign may use the website conversion objective with the goal of driving more donations on their website. The campaign will optimize towards achieving the most conversions (in this case, donations) as possible. However, because a donation is a high-intent action, it is possible that in addition to donating to your campaign, this person could also be inclined to like your Page in order to follow along with campaign updates.

You can achieve the secondary action of Page likes — with the ultimate goal of attaining a steady, more deeply engaged audience — through multiple objectives. We’ve given a few examples below, but note this list isn’t exhaustive.

Brand Awareness

Candidates running for office, advocacy groups raising awareness for a cause and government agencies running PSAs generally are working to increase brand awareness. The brand awareness objective allows advertisers to show ads to people who are more likely to recall them. People who recall your ads could be more likely to like your Page over time. Learn more about the Brand Awareness objective and about running a branding campaign.


Governments with an important update, politicians hoping to get people registered to vote or advocacy groups sharing a blog post all want to drive people to their website. The Traffic objective optimizes for sending more people to a destination on or off Facebook such as a website, app or Messenger conversation. People who read your article may want to ensure they don’t miss anything else, and as a result, like your Page to follow along. Learn more about the Traffic objective.


Another common goal for government, politics and advocacy organizations is to drive people to your website to fill out a form, donate or purchase an item. The Conversions objective is designed to drive these actions on your website or app. People who are donating to you or joining your website list are probably already highly engaged, so they may also take the secondary action of liking your Page in order to stay in touch. Learn more about the Conversions objective and explore how to get started with an acquisition or fundraising program on Facebook.

Lead Generation

A common goal for government, politics and advocacy organizations it to build email lists for communicating with their constituents, voters or supporters. The Lead Generation objective gives you the ability to create campaigns that allow users who are interested in learning more about you to fill out their contact information on a form within Facebook. Because email leads are a high-intent signal, it’s possible that someone who signs up on your Lead Generation form will also like your Page. Learn more about Lead Ads.

Using the above campaign objectives, among others, will help you achieve your real-world campaign goals — engaging with voters, connecting with constituents or raising money from supporters — while growing your Page’s following with secondary actions. This will take time, but ultimately, you’ll end up with a more engaged audience.


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