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Whether you are an elected official, government organization or advocacy group, your Facebook Page is an important online presence that can significantly improve your ability to reach and engage the people you care about with your important messages. When it comes to Facebook, there are many metrics you can easily analyze to see how your Page is doing, and better ensure your posts are seen by the people that matter most to you.

Metrics Matter
You likely spend a great deal of time establishing your Page’s presence, carefully crafting posts to effectively deliver your messages to as many of the people you care about as possible. Page managers expect metrics to give them a clear understanding of the outcomes that matter most, and Page Insights provide in-depth data on everything you need to know about your Page. Just like professional athletes watch film of games to learn from past unsuccessful plays and fine tune their future strategy, it is important for Page managers to delve into Insights and evaluate their own posts’ performance.

Metrics for your Page’s posts are available as soon as the post is published. In the Posts section of Insights, you can see a variety of measurements including the number of people reached, post clicks, reactions, comments and shares, total video views and other viewing behavior details. These engagement metrics allow you to see that your important messages are reaching the people you care about most, and how they are reacting. You probably don’t want to continue putting time and effort behind posts that aren’t resonating with your audience, so these insights can help you improve and iterate on your Page strategy to grow your page with supporters who care about your message.

Are people seeing and engaging with my posts?

Reach + Impressions
When exploring Page Insights, it is important to keep in mind what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish. If you want to grow your Page likes and followers or make sure a certain post is seen by the most amount of people, you should pay attention to reach and impressions. Reach is the number of people who had any content from your Page enter their screen, where impressions are the number of times any content from your Page entered a person’s screen. This means the number of impressions can be greater than the number of people reached on any given post.

After looking at reach, it can be quite helpful to next check out a post’s engagement. When you compare the reach (how many people saw a particular post) with engagement (how many people reacted, shared and commented) you learn which posts are resonating with your audience. When thinking about your goals, if you are trying to establish a loyal following and spark meaningful conversations, you should review the different engagement metrics. For example, if a particular post has high reach but low engagement, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you might want to consider what could be causing followers to more passively absorb your content. Easily keep track of your posts that have higher reach and engagement by exporting Page Insights. You can look at the relationship between these two metrics and incorporate elements from past posts that have your desired reach and engagement, or make adjustments for the future. Every page has a unique audience that behaves differently, but authentic, informative and timely content will encourage this engagement organically.

You can better understand your audience through demographic data such as age, gender and location. It’s crucial to know who’s seeing your content to ensure it will resonate accordingly. You can do this by looking at the gender and age breakdown for fans, followers, people reached and people engaged. It may be beneficial to compare the differences in age and gender for people engaged (reacting, commenting and sharing) and that of people reached. It’s important to consider the various demographic breakdowns of who is visiting your Page when tailoring future post content.

Analyzing these Page Insights, among others, can help you achieve your goals — engaging with constituents, increasing your reach and growing your Page’s following. If you want your Page to be a source of knowledge and civic engagement for your fans, it’s important to reflect on engagement and other insights to gauge your audience’s reactions to your content.

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