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Facebook supports civic engagement across the globe by building tools that make it easier for people to have a voice in government. Our civic engagement tools help increase two way conversations between government officials and the people they represent.

Town Hall

Civic engagement on Facebook begins with connecting people and their elected representatives. Facebook's Town Hall feature enables people to find out who their elected representatives are. From there, they can visit their Pages, choose to follow them on Facebook and get in touch with them.

Town Hall doesn't currently support every elected office so not all elected officials can be added. We’re working on that. To ensure you’re able to be added to Town Hall in the future, make sure you fill out the About section of your Facebook page with the current office you hold.

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Constituent Badges

A constituent badge appears next to a person's name when they comment on the Facebook post of a government representative in their area, or send them a direct message. This badge helps elected officials identify which of the communications they've received are from constituents and makes it easier to respond to the people in their districts.

A person can turn on a badge if they comment on their representative’s post, tap on another person’s badge or through a setting in Town Hall. The constituent badge will then be displayed alongside a person’s comment on their representatives’ content. Remember, some of your constituents may have chosen not to turn the badge on.

Constituent Badges Screenshot

District Insights

The District section of an elected official’s Page provides insight into what’s resonating in a particular state or district. The section features several modules, including:

  • A graph that shows the most frequently mentioned political issues in an elected officials district.
  • The top posts an elected official has been tagged in by constituents.
  • A carousel showing the most popular articles shared among constituents in that district.

These features are designed to make it easier for elected officials to identify and respond to the issues that matter most to constituents.

District Insights Screenshot


Elected officials and candidates on Facebook can add their positions on key issues in the Issues section of their Page. Adding positions on issues gives elected officials or candidates an opportunity to connect with people who are looking to learn more about how they will be represented on the issues they care about.

How it works:

Choose from 20 issue areas. Only the issues you add positions 
for will be visible on your Page. If you need to, you can add a
 custom issue.

Be as specific as possible: don't just state whether you're for or against an issue, but let your constituents know what you plan to do or what actions you support.

If you have a broad goal for an issue area, you can add your vision for it at the top of the page.

Create as many custom topics as you like within an issue area, and add your position for each topic in 200 characters or less.

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