Interact with people

Interact with constituents, voters, and supporters by asking them questions, answering theirs, and showing them you are paying attention to their concerns.

Reply to comments and messages

  • Regularly monitor your Page activity for comments and questions that need attention; “Like” and reply to comments whenever possible
  • When you reply to a comment, that comment and your reply can move to the top of a thread giving it more visibility
  • Turn on Page messaging for 1:1 communication, and use a welcome greeting and instant reply to make sure people get a timely response

Go Live on Facebook

  • Tell your story as it happens live: make an announcement, start a live Q&A, or just show your followers what’s happening
  • Interview people who might interest your followers
  • Integrate Live into other events where fans can participate

Tag and engage with other Pages & Profiles

  • Commenting on and engaging with other Pages puts your name in front of new audiences
  • When a Page tags another Page, the post might be seen by some of the people who like or follow the tagged Page
  • Ask other public figures to engage with you—asking a question on your Q&A, sharing your content, or participating in your Live video

Facebook is where people connect with friends, family, and communities that matter to them. One of the best ways to connect with fans is to show them who you are and what you care about — whether it's as an individual or an organization.

Your fans want to hear from you. Join the conversations already happening, start new ones, and engage people on the topics that matter both to you and them.

If you want to build even stronger ties among supporters and your community, spark meaningful conversations, and encourage people to take action, Facebook Groups can be a powerful tool.

Facebook Ads can help you reach new people who may be interested in your campaign or organization.

There are a variety of features and tools to help you round out your presence on and off the platform.

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