Crafting Quality Ads for News Feed

Consistent Creative Themes

Deliver creative consistency through the ongoing use of fonts, color palettes, and key copy elements and/or logos to establish a clear visual identity for posts of all types.

In this first persuasion post, the creative establishes the campaign logo and color palette.

In a follow-up call-to-action post, the campaign utilizes the same color palette to deliver a consistent visual identity.

Craft Your Copy with the Audience in Mind

Facebook and Instagram give you the ability to know exactly to whom you're advertising. Write your post copy keeping in mind what issues, politicians, and causes matter to your audience. You may even run versions of the same post to different audiences for maximium impact.

Using different copy can extend the reach and relevance of your posts. A simple copy change shows how the same post creative can be used for two different messages. Here the post targets local workers.

With a simple copy change, the post has been adapted to focus on updating aging infrastructure for a different target audience.

Stick to What's Important

Although it's tempting to use the post copy area for long messages, posts with clear, tight and focused copy almost always provide better results. The copy should be simple to understand and carefully worded for length. The headline copy below the image is especially important in Link Ad formats – this is the heart of your message.

‘Better Schools’ is the clear theme of this copy and receives prominent focus in the main headline and the copy that appears within the image.

This copy highlights the desired action and provides context for that call-to-action in the concise post copy above.