Getting started

Setting up your Facebook Page

Whether you're a government official or are standing for the first time, log in to Facebook and follow these steps:

Create a Page Go to and select your category: "Government Official" if you're in elected or appointed office, or "Politician" if you're a candidate.

Give your Page a custom URL Create a short custom URL – ideally one that is consistent across social media platforms

Establish your identity Pick a profile picture to represent you across Facebook and a creative cover photo for your Page (see What are the dimensions of my Page's profile picture and cover photo?)

Edit settings Click 'Settings' at the top of your Page to add other admins, set up profanity and keyword filters, turn on comment ranking and more

Tell voters about yourself Click 'About', and add your office "currently held" or "currently standing for", and click on 'Issues' to share where you stand on policies voters care about

Start building your fan base Post regularly, and reply and interact with your fans; put your URL on business cards and in emails, and add social plugins to your website

Managing your Facebook Page

Remember to use real accounts to manage your Facebook Page, not fake or shared accounts. Make sure you have clear rules for the people who manage your Page, and assign each person the correct role based on what their job requires: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst or Live contributor. Don't forget to remove any employees as Page managers if they leave your office or campaign.

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Safety tips

Protect your Facebook account

Your personal information and safety are important. Facebook Profiles, including those of Page admins, may be targeted to gain access to contacts and sensitive information. It's crucial that you take steps to protect your information and your presence on Facebook.

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Secure your mobile device

Securing your mobile phone is an important part of keeping your Facebook account and Page secure. Simple steps include using all the security features available on your mobile devices, such as codes, PINs and passwords.

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