Open Graph Tags

Adding Open Graph meta tags to your website will help Facebook know exactly what title, description, and preview image to use when someone shares a link to your site.

  • Learn how to use proper Open Graph tags to drive distribution here. 
  • Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for your link previews.
  • Use the sharing debugger to see what Facebook sees when someone shares a link to your site, and if you’ve updated your Open Graph tags and want to refresh what Facebook sees. Learn more. 

While Open Graph meta tags are an easy way to make sure your website links look great when shared on Facebook, you can also verify ownership of your web domain through Business Manager. This will allow you to edit the preview information on your links - the title, description, and image - regardless of what Facebook sees in the Open Graph tags.

You can take Facebook posts you've created and embed them your own website, or encourage others to do so on theirs, to drive more awareness of your content. This can be particularly useful if you've posted something timely on breaking news (maybe a photo, short video, or status update), or if you have a Live event that media may want to include on their website.

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