Page Best Practices

Building a Best-In-Class Facebook Presence

To best connect with your Facebook fans and supporters, you'll want to post updates that are:

Authentic & Visual Facebook is where people connect with friends, family, and communities that matter to them. One of the best ways to connect with fans is to show them who you are and what you care about as an individual

Engaging & Social Build your community of supporters by asking your fans questions, answering theirs, and showing them that you are paying attention to their concerns

Timely & Informative People are talking about current events on Facebook, so provide your fans and the media with timely, topical updates

Consistent & Meaningful Your fans want to hear from you. Join the conversations already happening, start new ones, and engage people on the topics that matter both to you and them

Authenticity & Engagement

Your Facebook Page is a place to express what you care about and to engage with the people who connect with you. Make the conversation two-way; the more authentic and interactive, the better.

Go Behind the Scenes

  • Share candid photos and videos that highlight your personality, what you’re up to, and what you care about
  • Build credibility with fans by giving them access to moments they might not otherwise see
  • Personalize your message — avoid using the third person perspective

Talk About Hot Topics

  • Follow and engage on the issues people are talking about
  • Use popular #hashtags to participate in discussions
  • Use the Facebook Creator app to easily follow and engage in public conversations

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Tag and Interact with Other Public Figures

  • Commenting on and engaging with other Pages puts your name in front of new audiences
  • When a Page tags another Page, the post might be seen by some of the people who like or follow the tagged Page
  • Ask other public figures to engage with you—asking a question on your Q&A, sharing your content, or participating in your Live video

Get Started With Live Today

  • Take your fans behind the scenes, talk about a hot topic, or have a conversation
  • Reply to comments and questions, or interview a colleague or prominent figure
  • Go Live from Facebook's mobile apps, desktop, or through our Live API (learn about each here)