Candidate Videos

If you are a candidate running for office in the United States, you can now create a series of 20-second videos to help voters understand your views and hear your message. Candidate videos will be grouped by each race for office, and will be shown to voters on the top of their News Feed — giving you the chance to be front and center on Facebook.

How to Upload a Candidate Video

  • Visit your Page from a desktop computer; go to Publishing Tools and then click Political Content.  
  • If you only have a Facebook Profile (and not a Page), log on to Facebook from a desktop computer, visit your Account Settings, and upload your videos by clicking on Campaign Information.  

Tips for Filming a High-Quality Video

  • Record your video in the vertical (portrait mode) format. We recommend using your phone to record your videos.
  • Record in a space that with minimal background noise, and that’s well-lit.
  • Keep it short and concise. You only have 20 seconds for each video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will see this?
Everyone in the U.S. on Facebook will see a message at the top of their News Feed asking them to access this feature and learn more about their candidates, including those at the state and local levels.

How can I find this feature?
In your iPhone or Android Facebook app, go to the sidebar menu and find “2018 Election.”

How will you order the candidates in the feature?
Candidates will be ordered randomly.

Who is uploading videos?
We’re asking all candidates running for office in the U.S. to upload videos.

How many videos are there? What are the questions that the candidates are answering?
Candidates have the opportunity to create four 20-second videos, answering the following prompts:

  • Introduce yourself to voters and tell them about the office you’re running for.
  • What is your top policy priority, and why are you the right person to work on it?
  • What makes you most qualified to represent your district?
  • What is the most important goal you hope to accomplish in office and how do you plan to get it done?

How do you recommend creating the videos?
We recommend you answer the prompts and record the videos in the vertical (portrait mode) format on your phone. This is for you to look your best in the feature.

What happens if I don’t upload a video?
Your name and page information will be included in the feature, but your videos will not be displayed next to other candidates.

Can I delete or edit a video after I’ve uploaded it?
You can delete and upload another video.

Will I see any viewer metrics from the feature?
You can see video view counts on the page where you uploaded the videos.

Is inclusion in this feature free?
Yes. All candidates can upload videos to be included in this feature for free.

Can people report content that is not following Facebook Community Standards?
Yes, people can report content that the candidate uploads, and it will be reviewed like other content on Facebook.

How can I report wrong or missing information in the feature?
If you are seeing missing or incorrect information about candidates and their Pages or profiles in the candidate info tool, please report it directly in the feature. Scroll to the bottom where it says, “Report missing or incorrect info.” Fill out the report, and someone from our team will review it.

What happens to my videos after Election Day?
After polls close, we’ll turn off the candidate info tool. If people have shared your videos on Facebook, those videos will still appear in the shared posts. You can always delete your videos on the same page where you uploaded them. When you delete the videos, they will not appear on Facebook.

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